Lifetime Achievement Award

Congratulations Maxie!  Your Lewis Financial family is very proud of your achievements and so thrilled that you have been recognised for all the work you do.

This is the first time AMP has bestowed lifetime achievement awards, which in future will be awarded annually at the Summit.

Group Executive Advice and New Zealand, Jack Regan said it was important to recognise outstanding financial advisers and highlight the valuable role advisers play in their communities.

“Many of our advisers are very much pillars of their local communities,” Mr Regan said.

“By earning the respect of their peers and the thanks of their clients and communities these advisers help show the way forward for our profession,” Mr Regan said.

Mr Regan described how each of the financial advisers who had received an award had proved themselves by successfully guiding their clients and their practices over decades of change.

Max Lewis

Max gave up his career as a lawyer in the early 1980s to become a financial adviser, and was a pioneer of personalised financial plans when the practice was still in its infancy. He has served the community in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney for many years, both as an adviser and through his volunteer work with local schools and sports clubs.

Max has been active in advocating for better superannuation and pension legislation, and has been recognised for helping lobby for amendments to Retirement Income Stream Legislation through his representations to Federal Treasury over a number of years.

He has also been a contributor to the Cancer Council’s Pro Bono Program for cancer patients and their families in need of financial advice.

Credit:  AMP honours Lifetime Achievers at annual Advice Summit