Growing your family

Families come in all shapes and sizes, but no matter what form your family takes, looking after your finances can help you take care of them now and in the future. There’s no time like the present to seek assistance from a professional financial adviser.

Plan for your children’s education

Sam and Louise have 3 young children who will all be enrolled in school over the next 4 years. Sam works full time and Louise works part time, but they are both concerned about the cost of education and how it will affect their lifestyle. Planning for education costs now could be a big help over the long term.

Saving for your children’s education

Education savings plan: the options available

Boost your superannuation

Even though retirement still seems a long way off, Kelly and Adam could better manage their superannuation now, to ensure they have enough money when the time comes to retire. They should consider some of these strategies to make sure they will have enough to do the things they love, like take family holidays each year.

Is it the right time to salary sacrifice?

Consolidate superannuation

Are self managed super funds the way of the future?

Should your self managed super fund borrow or not?

Maximise tax savings

Paul and Olivia have 2 teenage children living at home, and they both work full time. They have a mortgage and a savings account, but they could be doing more with their money to make the most of what they have.

Don’t pay too much tax

Build family wealth

James and Emily both work full time while their children attend high school. They have paid off some of their mortgage, and have extra cash each month to invest, although they aren’t always that sensible with it. James and Emily should consider their investment options and get started today.

New directions for share market investing

The property versus shares debate

Are you ready to buy an investment property?

Placing your family wealth in trust

Managing an inheritance

How to use your time in the market

What to do if you get a redundancy

Protect your family

Jess and Sean always lived by the mantra “that will never happen to us’, until one day when Sean was unexpectedly injured at work. Sean needed 6 months off work to recover, and without enough sick leave to cover the period, they struggled to pay the bills and had to ask their parents for support. If Jess and Sean had the right insurance policy, they would have been well placed to keep things running smoothly while Sean recovered.

Life changes = will changes