Once we understand your financial position and what your aspirations are, we need to devise a plan to help you achieve the things that are most important to you.

The greater your assets and income, of course, the wider your options are. But many of our clients are far from wealthy. They may simply be wondering how to make the most of their later years, or looking for ways to ensure the welfare of those they love without great resources. We love to open doors and reveal possibilities that our clients did not, perhaps, know existed.

This is our Statement of Advice. It is the foundation for action. It will help ensure that your assets and income are protected, and that you are making the most of their potential. It gives you both peace of mind and a future to look forward to.

To keep our relationship with you clear, we charge you a fixed fee for this advice, no hidden commissions.  Because we believe in the value of our advice — and that you will also see its benefit — you pay only for the advice you receive.