Our Schedule of Fees

These prices should be used as a guide only. We will discuss your individual needs and agree our fees with you. The actual agreed fees will depend on factors such as the complexity of your circumstances and goals and the scope of the advice.

Initial advice fees 

Our preferred method of payment is a fixed dollar fee, agreed upon with you, determined by the nature and scope of the advice and services you need. To ensure you have absolute clarity, we will list the advisory services we plan to provide to you and how we will charge for them before asking you to commit to paying anything.

An introductory consultation is provided to all new clients at our cost and with no obligation.

After this introductory consultation we will provide you with a verbal advice proposal including a Fee for Advice and Planning quotation which reflects the complexity of the strategies contemplated and our professional knowledge involved in the development and presentation of our advice to you.  Once agreed to, this proposal will be formally documented in a Terms of Engagement.  The Fee for Advice and Planning will not exceed the amount documented in the Terms of Engagement irrespective of the time expended to complete your matter. Our Fees for Advice and Planning typically range between the amounts shown below however, depending on your particular circumstances, this fee could be more or less than these amounts.

In certain limited circumstances it might be appropriate for our Fee for Advice and Planning to be based upon an hourly rate. In which case, this would generally be based upon a rate of $495.00 per hour.

Our initial advice fees typically range between the amounts shown below:

Initial advice fee amount
Initial Fee for Advice and Planning (between $6,600.00 and $13,200.00)

Ongoing advice fees

We offer ongoing advisory services to ensure that our advice remains appropriate over time and so that the strategies we put in place can be adapted to changes in our clients circumstances, objectives as well as broader changes in legislation, investment markets and the economy.  Ongoing services in relation to strategic reviews, investment portfolio management and other forms of consultancy are subject to an agreed and documented fixed dollar amount (Ongoing Advice Fee).  In some limited cases, in existing matters, our agreed fee may be calculated based on a percentage of the amount invested.

Our ongoing advice fees are agreed to annually and typically range between the amounts shown below:

Ongoing service fee amount
Fee for Advice and Services (between $3,300.00 and $33,000.00 per annum)