If you are enjoying your retirement and wish to remain happy and healthy during these years, planning is critically important. After physical health, financial health is crucial at this time of life. No one wants to end up without adequate resources to maintain a comfortable standard of living.

Here are a couple of things to consider in your retirement:

Protect your retirement

Neville and Julie are enjoying the benefits of retirement, like being able to travel around Australia. Then, without notice, their retirement plans change because of personal circumstance.

Your family can risk your retirement plans

Consider the possibility of aged care

Jack has been retired for a few years now, and lives independently in a house he owns outright. Even though Jack is still completely capable of looking after himself, he’s aware that there may come a time where he needs to think about aged care.

Planning ahead for aged care

Plan your estate

Bill and Janet are retired and know they can do whatever they like with their money while they are alive. But they also wonder what will happen to their assets when they die. It’s an interesting thought that most people don’t like to dwell on — but with more wealth being created through superannuation funds, it’s a thought that will require action at some stage.

Who gets your super?

Estate planning: the basics