Getting Started

Everyone will be at different stages in meeting their lifestyle and financial goals by age 30. Regardless of whether you are well on the way, just getting started or haven’t even set your goals, there’s no time like the present to seek assistance from a professional financial adviser.

The following examples may help you build a stronger financial future.

Maximise your income

Kylie has hit the jackpot. Her career has taken off and she’s loving the work and earning more money than she ever imagined. But she’s horrified to find out how much tax she’s now paying. If she talked to her financial adviser, Kylie could learn about how financial strategies such as salary packaging, salary sacrificing and investing, could save her tax and build her personal wealth.

Make your money work harder

Get rid of debt

Amy’s got the latest iPhone, she’s just come back from a holiday and she’s spent up big in the sales. Now her dreaded credit card statement has arrived and she wonders how she is going to pay it off. Unfortunately, there are no magic ways to wipe out debts; it just takes discipline.

Paying off credit cards after the fun is over

Are you a good credit risk?

It’s your tax refund; what are you going to do with it?

Start thinking about superannuation

Michael sometimes thinks about the future, but it will be another thirty odd years before his retirement, so superannuation seems too far into the future to care about. What Michael doesn’t realise is that taking care of super now can change significantly how much money he will have when he retires.

Consolidate superannuation

Government co-contributions

Self-managed super funds

Consider your first investments

Jane has a good job, and even though she doesn’t have the money saved to buy a house just yet, she does have some spare money at the end of the pay week, which she currently puts in the bank for a rainy day. But Jane could make her money go further.

Strategies for investing during stock market volatility

When it comes to first investments, try a little… often.

Protect what you’ve got

Mark was doing well in his job and had bought a small unit. Over time, he had furnished it in style and his entertainment system was his pride and joy.

To his horror, Mark came home one day to find the front door off its hinges and his unit trashed. Not only was his entertainment system gone, the intruders had made the place unliveable. You guessed it: he wasn’t insured. He thought it would never happen to him.

Planning for the unthinkable

Protect what you can’t afford to lose

Plan to start a family

Nick and Helen have just had their first baby, and from two salaries they have dropped to one. Expenses have shot up, and in addition to the significant change to their lifestyle they have to juggle their money to cope. Nick and Helen now realise they should have thought things through earlier and adjusted their budget.

Raising children and the cost of education