The process

The sort of advice we give depends very much on what you would like to achieve: your goals.

Once you have told us this, we analyse your current financial position, and devise a strategy to help you get there.

When you are completely happy with our advice, we move on to implementation.

At a later date we can meet again to review our strategy, to ensure that it’s producing the best outcomes given any changes there may have been in conditions.

We will discuss your individual needs and agree our fees with you. Our actual agreed fees will depend on factors such as the complexity of your circumstances and goals and the scope of the advice so our Schedule of Fees should be used as a guide only.

Importantly, you decide how much you wish us to take care of on your behalf. Some clients prefer to take care of every detail of the allocation of their resources. Others prefer to delegate this to us, while they get on with enjoying the things they set out to do.